Tamasudare Falls

These dramatic vertical falls over a sheer cliff face were a location for ascetic Zen training

Legend has it that the renowned priest Kobo Daishi discovered and named Tamasudare (beaded curtain) Falls after having a divine dream. Worshipped ever since as a sacred location nestled in the mountains, the waterfall became a popular setting for severe ascetic practices to reach enlightenment.

The dynamic falls are 5 metres wide and descend 63 metres straight down to the rocks below. The magnificent view and the spray of the waterfall mist purify visitors’ bodies and souls. The illuminated view of the falls at night is awe-inspiring during the cherry blossom-viewing season (from 28 April to 5 May) and the summer festival (11 to 18 August). In addition to the gorgeous scenery of summer greens and autumn leaves, the ice cascades create a view of delicate beauty during winter. The ice cascades can be seen during the harsh winter months from mid-January to early February. Be sure to wear snowshoes when visiting!

Along the 7-minute path from the car park to Tamasudare Falls, the serene woodland is home to a series uniquely shaped stones. The pool of water in one large pitted rock is said to remedy eye troubles. Another mossy flat stone is known as the place where Kobo Daishi practiced Zen meditation. Mitake Shrine stands guard in front of Tamasudare Falls. The area is surrounded by a grove of cedar trees, including sacred trees a thousand years old, and is filled with a spiritual ambience.

A further 15-minute drive is the nearby Fudo-no-taki Falls, which locals say bring visitors good luck in their career. Visit both and recharge your spiritual energy!

Shonai Area

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