Kuki Shrine(Air Shrine)

Kuki Shrine(Air Shrine) is an environmentally themed monument.

Thank you for the clear air. A shrine whose deity is "air", which is unique in the world.

It was constructed to appreciate the benefits of the air and bulid a spirit of respect.

We hope that we will protect our beautiful earth and pass it on to the times.

The environmental monument "Kuki Shrine(Air Shrine)" expresses the air by mirroring a 5 meter square stainless steel plate in a beech forest and reflecting the scenery of each season in the mirror. The main shrine is located at a depth of 3 meters and is an underground space surrounded by a torii gate consisting of four pillars that represent the four seasons. Clean air is enshrined in 12 unglazed bottles that represent the year. On the approach road, there are five monuments (Thu, Tue, Sat, Fri, Wed) that create the universe.

 June 5th in every year, World Environment Day, will be enacted as "Asahi Town Air Day" by ordinance, and the "Air Festival" will be held on that day and the nearest Saturday and Sunday. It is a very mysterious event with the "Opening of the main shrine" in the basement, the dedication of "Miko no mai(dance of Miko)" by local elementary school students, and the performance of "Ukishima Gagaku".

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