Hijiori Onsen hot spring tour and power spot tour

Suggested Time
2 days / 1 nights
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Heal your body and soul by fully enjoying the hot springs in Hijiori Onsen, which still retains the atmosphere of a traditional hot-spring health resort, and visiting spiritual power spots in the Mogami area.

25 minutes

Tall Cedar Tree in Kosugi

10 minutes

Niwatsuki Kannon

20 minutes

Mogami River Basyo Line Descent

Go down the magnificent Mogami River while listening to the barcarolle of the boatman and the famous stories.

Let yourself be in the flow of the Mogami River and enjoy the scenery from the boat. You can enjoy the slow boat descent while listening to the boatman's song in the magnificent nature at any time of the four seasons. In winter, there is also a "Kotatsu boat" service. (December to the end of March)
35 minutes

Stay one night in Hijiori Onsen

A hot spring with a relaxing atmosphere

A hot spring town that still retains the atmosphere of a traditional hot spring resort. The high-quality hot spring that continually flows from the source, and the relaxed and simple townscape are attractive. The former post office building in the middle of the hot spring town is a high-collared building that suddenly appears in the traditional townscape. There is no doubt that the retro atmosphere will look great in the picture. The famous morning market is full of seasonal wild vegetables and vegetables! Why not wake up earlier than usual and enjoy a warm conversation with your mothers?
Hijiori Hot Spring is located deep in the mountains. It is famous as one of the most snowy areas in Japan with over 3m of snow. There are many winter events that can be held because it is a heavy snowfall area. The illusionary snow corridor where the candle light gently shines on the snow wall that is over 3m is held on weekends from late January to late February. At the end of February, they hold a competition to dig the snow with a shovel and how quickly they can get the soil out of the ground. In mid-March, there are many events such as the appearance of the giant snowman "Ohkurakun" and the winter fireworks display. There is also a campaign where the accommodation fee is discounted the more it snows. If the amount of snowfall exceeds the maximum amount of snow, the accommodation fee for 1 night will be free!
The "Edible Wild Plant Festival (mid-May to mid-June)" where you can enjoy the edible wild plants grown in the deep mountains of Hijiori at each inn. The "Hijiori no To (mid-July to early October)" that decorates the fantastic night with lanterns made by local artists installed in front of the entrance of each inn is also a popular event. Let's feel the four seasons of Japan fully and be healed in the good old hot spring town.

Hijiori Onsen Morning Market

40 minutes


20 minutes

Shikamura Rice Terraces

35 minutes

Sabaneyama Jizoson

15~25 minutes

Shinjo and Mogami Soba Road

Yamagata's buckwheat soba noodles are firmly chewy, and the flavor of the buckwheat fills your mouth as you chew. How about a lunch of superb soba in Yamagata, which is famous for its soba?
5~25 minutes



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