Hijiori Onsen hot spring tour and power spot tour

Suggested Time
2 days / 1 nights
Transport Options

Heal your body and soul by fully enjoying the hot springs in Hijiori Onsen, which still retains the atmosphere of a traditional hot-spring health resort, and visiting spiritual power spots in the Mogami area.

25 minutes

Tall Cedar Tree in Kosugi

10 minutes

Niwatsuki Kannon

20 minutes

Mogami River Basyo Line Descent

Go down the magnificent Mogami River while listening to the barcarolle of the boatman and the famous stories.

Let yourself be in the flow of the Mogami River and enjoy the scenery from the boat. You can enjoy the slow boat descent while listening to the boatman's song in the magnificent nature at any time of the four seasons. In winter, there is also a "Kotatsu boat" service. (December to the end of March)
35 minutes

Stay one night in Hijiori Onsen


Hijiori Onsen Morning Market

40 minutes


20 minutes

Shikamura Rice Terraces

35 minutes

Sabaneyama Jizoson

15~25 minutes

Shinjo and Mogami Soba Road

Yamagata's buckwheat soba noodles are firmly chewy, and the flavor of the buckwheat fills your mouth as you chew. How about a lunch of superb soba in Yamagata, which is famous for its soba?
5~25 minutes



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