Atsumi Onsen

Atsumi Onsen is a hot spring resort town with a pleasant atmosphere.

Not only you can enjoy the gentle hot water, you will hear the clear stream sound here.
There are inns that boast high-quality hot springs, dishes made with seasonal local ingredients, and warm hospitality.
The riversides of the Atsumi River, which flows through the hot spring town, are recommended for seeing cherry blossoms in spring, fishing sweetfish in summer, and watching salmon running up in autumn. It is a place where you can enjoy the four seasons here.
If you take a rest at the footbath on the riverside or on the wooden deck, a relaxing time will heal your mind.
It is also a hot spring town where you can enjoy interacting with locals at the morning market and communal baths.

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999-7204 山形県鶴岡市湯温海
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