Yamagata's delicious sake is thoroughly refreshing

Yamagata excels at the production of choice alcoholic beverages nurtured by nature, including its pure waters, cold winters, hot summers, and extreme temperature differences between day and night. There are also fruit wines and beers that could only be made in this "fruit kingdom." Why don't you take a look at some of the unique wineries, sake breweries, and other breweries? 

Compare the exquisite alcoholic beverages in Yamagata, the "Ginjo Kingdom!"

Yamagata Prefecture is blessed with a natural environment for sake brewing, including the Shonai Plains where rice is grown and mountains that provide abundant snowmelt water. With more than 50 sake breweries, Yamagata has an abundant variety of unique sake flavors. It is known as the "Ginjo Kingdom" for its high percentage of ginjo sake shipments.

Intoxicate yourself in the depths of Yamagata's sake by visiting breweries offering tours and tastings, and breweries with museums. 

Focus on wine from Yamagata, where grape cultivation thrives!

Grape cultivation thrives in Yamagata, which is one of the four major wine producing regions in Japan (alongside Yamanashi, Nagano, and Hokkaido). The inland area of Yamagata Prefecture, where many wineries are located, has favorable conditions for growing wine grapes.

Wine events such as new wine tastings and grape harvesting experiences are also held. How about enjoying visits to wineries in the grape-growing prefecture of Yamagata?

A must-drink beer from Yamagata, a prefecture known for the cultivation of a wide variety of fruits

Yamagata has been Japan's hottest city for 74 years, and marked the highest temperature ever recorded in Japan. The ice-cold beer you drink here in the summer will blow away the heat.

Only in Yamagata can you find breweries that focus on cherry beers and fruit beers made from La France pears, apples, grapes, and more. There are also craft beers made with rice bran from Yamagata Prefecture. Try finding your favorite among the wide variety of unique craft beers!

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