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Blissfully feast on top-grade Yonezawa beef in an authentic restaurant

Yonezawa beef, a top-grade brand of irresistible marbled meat that melts in your mouth, is one of Yamagata's best gourmet foods. You can enjoy it as a steak, sukiyaki, charcoal-grilled, or simply as a snack to eat while walking. Eating meat at authentic restaurants with expertise in cooking Yonezawa beef is a truly mouthwatering experience. 

Flavor that grows even more delicious the more you chew. Savor the natural meat flavor in a luxurious steak

Yonezawa beef, the highest quality Japanese Black beef, is sumptuously served as steak. The meat is fine and tender, with a refined, moderate amount of fat. You will surely unconsciously relish the concentrated umami taste of Yonezawa beef in the steak.

The steak rice bowl is recommended for those who want to eat heartily but at an affordable price. The rice will taste even better when eaten with the juicy meat.

Enjoy Sukiyaki in a historic restaurant with a Japanese atmosphere

It is no exaggeration to say that sukiyaki is a dish beloved by Japanese people. In order to enjoy it, the selection of meat and the order of adding vegetables are important. 

When cooked for the perfect amount of time by a waitress at a restaurant specializing in Yonezawa beef, sukiyaki is undoubtedly an exquisite dish. You can also order it to-go, but please try to taste it in an authentic, atmospheric venerable restaurant. 

Casually enjoy Yonezawa beef through Sumibiyaki charcoal grilling or Amiyaki grilling

Yakiniku (meat that you cook yourself on a provided grill) is recommended for those who want to taste several kinds of delicious food with a little portion for each and compare various meat parts. The best part is that it can be grilled just the way you like it with the strong heat of charcoal.

Grill the meat over a charcoal grill, and when the outside turns cherry red, sprinkle some coarse salt on it and enjoy it hot! The sweetness and flavor of the meat is so strong that you can enjoy it with just salt.

For people who want to eat Yonezawa beef at an affordable price

There are many choices of dishes made with Yonezawa beef, such as hamburger steaks, beef rice bowls, curry and rice, beef stew, and hamburgers. You can enjoy a wide variety of dishes at affordable prices. Lunch is an especially good deal. 

Freshly fried crispy croquettes and beef skewers are perfect for eating while walking around. There are also ekiben boxed lunches made with Yonezawa beef. How about taking one on your trip? 

Yonezawa beef has melt-in-your-mouth flavor

Yonezawa beef is a leading Japanese beef brand of high renown. The name refers to heifers raised for more than 32 months in the Okitama area of Yamagata. Yonezawa beef is finely marbled with superb melt-in-your-mouth texture. It is characterized by its sweet, high-quality fat.

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