Travel plan to fully enjoy sites related to the Uesugi clan and Okitama

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2 days / 1 nights
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This food tasting tour will take you to major sightseeing spots and wineries in Yonezawa, the castle town of the Uesugi clan, and the Okitama area.

5 minutes

Miyasaka Museum

10 minutes

Denkoku No Mori Yonezawa City Uesugi Museum

Uesugi Jinja Shrine

Receive some good luck at the shrine of Kenshin Uesugi, one of the most powerful warriors of the civil war period

Uesugi Jinja Shrine was built on the grounds of the former Yonezawa Castle to enshrine Kenshin Uesugi, one of the most powerful warriors of the civil wars of the 15th and 16th centuries. The shrine is believed to bring good luck, academic success and thriving business thanks to Kenshin’s lingering spiritual energy.
Along the approach to the shrine, a pair of battle flags each with a Chinese character flies in the breeze on Maizuru Bridge. One has “Bi” for Bishamonten (also known as Vaisravana, the Buddhist guardian of the north) who Kenshin strongly believed in. The other has “Dragon” for Fudo Myo-o (a wrathful deity) that was used as a signal for rushing at the enemy’s position when Kenshin launched an all-out attack. Kenshin‘s firm religious faith led him to take the two most powerful deities of Buddhism to the battlefields.
History lovers should visit the treasure hall Keishoden which exhibits a number of Important Cultural Properties including relics of the Uesugi clan. There is a famous helmet of Kanetsugu Naoe, a renowned warrior and scholar, marked with the Chinese character for “Love” on display.
The shrine is located in Matsugasaki Park, a popular scenic location when the 200 cherry blossom trees lining the park moats are in bloom from mid to late April. The Yonezawa Uesugi Festival takes place at the shrine and the surrounding area from 29 April to 3 May each year. The festival’s highlights include a procession of over 1,000 shrine-parishioners dressed in extravagant samurai costumes carrying portable shrines known as Uesugi Gyoretsu, and a performance of the Battle of Kawanakajima, the biggest battle of Japan’s civil war era. The Uesugi Snow Lantern Festival takes place at the shrine and Matsugasaki Park on the weekend of the second Saturday of February each year. Over 300 candle-lit snow lanterns and 1,000 snow lamps transform the park into a winter wonderland!
The nearby Matsugasaki Shrine of Yozan Uesugi, known for the saying “where there is a will, there is a way”, also belongs to Uesugi Shrine. Visit both of the shrines for a double dose of luck!

Lunch at Yonezawa beef

Coming to Yonezawa, you can't help but eat Yonezawa beef, right? Steak, sukiyaki, shabu-shabu, yakiniku, hamburgers.... How about a luxurious lunch with nationally renowned Yonezawa beef?

Experience traditional crafts at Waku Waku Kan

5 minutes

Uesugi Family Byosho Graves

30 minutes

Stay one night in Akayu Onsen

10 minutes

Kumano Taisha Shrine

Gelato EN

A gelato shop located a short walk from Kumano Taisha Shrine. The homemade gelato made with local ingredients is all superb. Choose two or three of the colorful flavors lined up in the showcase and enjoy comparing them.
10 minutes

Akayu spicy miso ramen

This is the local ramen of Nanyo City. It features a thick miso-flavored soup with homemade spicy miso paste on top. You can adjust the spiciness to your liking with the spicy miso paste as you eat and enjoy two different tastes.
15 minutes

Sakai Winery

10 minutes

Daishoji Temple

10 minutes

Takahata Winery

Among the fruit kingdoms of Yamagata, Takahata Town, where Takahata Winery is located, has the largest shipment of Chardonnay Delaware grape used for wine in Japan. Wines brewed using carefully selected methods using grapes that cultivated by local farmers and local fruits (cherries, La France, peaches, etc.) are popular.When you enter the site, the vineyard spreads out in front of you.After looking at the vineyards, you can take a tour to watch the winemaking process.The shop offers a wide selection of limited-edition wines that can only be purchased here,as well as souvenirs such as snacks that are perfect for wine. There is a special space where you can sample 4 to 5 kinds of wine at all timesand staffs with sommelier qualifications, so you will surely find your favorite wine selection here.
There is also a food-shop where the menu are unique to the winery that are very popular. How about a glass of wine with a hot dog or pizza in collaboration with a local companies.We recommend not only grapes but also original ice cream containing white wine, which has been popular since its establishment. Many events such as the Harvest Festival held around October, Spring Festa, and Summer Meat Festival are planned every year. All event  are crowded with many wine connoisseurs and food connoisseurs every time.
20 minutes

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